Tuesday, March 22, 2011


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First of all, J-Ro and Tha 'Liks are one of my most admired groups period - any genre. They combine brilliant rhymes, flow, thought, Hip-Hop knowledge and fun mixed with a second-to-none ability to rock the crowd. Straight up - when The 'Liks throw a show ...You're gonna get wet if your in the front row, row, row... (echo out). And on top of all of the Hip-Hop factoids and accolades that their fans and followers heave upon them, J-Ro and I hail from our beloved Pacoima, CA in the East San Fernando Valley... Geah! If you don't know Pacoima, don't go to ...Well, y'all know what Treach said. Anyway...

So, J-Ro is out in Malmo, Sweden doing his thang in a major way. What that means is the legendary MC is making multiple moves as an ambassador for Hip-Hop, an educator, celebrity personality (although he is humble) and a goodwill ambassador for other Hip-Hoppers and artists who visit Malmo (just a short hop, skip and a jump away from Copenhagen where the fun be). "I love it out here", says J-Ro Skyping from his office in Malmo. "I hope everybody comes out here!" I laugh and let him know that by what I have learned in following his adventures, I might not come back to the U.S. if Sweden will have me. "That's cool - I want y'all to come." J-Ro's foray into the world of entertainment and now as an international and bi-continental professional and ambassador of Hip-Hop culture, business and education is a far cry from the challenging and sometimes treacherous streets of Pacoima, CA. The town is rich in heritage, but was intentionally situated in an almost isolated part of Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley as a place to keep African-Americans and Latinos separate from the affluent Whites in The Valley (and yes... back on up... there is only one 'THE VALLEY' and it is San Fernando). Now, J-Ro is living and working in one of the world's most affluent and socially responsible nations. Nice twist.

"I love it here", says J-Ro. "I work of course in education, but I promote and am part of shows at The Warrior Club (a night spot in the area) and when I come home it's like a party all over again - I get to LA, love that and when I come back to Malmo - it's like 'J-Ro's baaack'." The party don't stop for J-Ro. And the enthusiasm he has in sharing his recent accomplishments displays the passion he has for his art, which has become his living. Ain't it nice to get paid doing what you love? I know about one or two of y'all don't like your job - switch it up, baby. J-Ro's loving his life and it gets better - he just dropped his exclusively European distributed EP, PAY THE PRICE which I got and will make available (with J-Ro's consent of course!) and he's working with Kurupt as a duo with the moniker, JK47. Whatchu think of that.

'Kurupt and I have been working together for a while now and we actually have a mini-mansion in The Valley where I stay when I'm in LA", says J-Ro. "We're working on several projects including with Pentagon Records a new venture, with a group called 1st Generation." 1st Generation is the definition of a 'SUPER GROUP' of legends - people throw that title around and ain't gone aluminum. 1st Generation includes King Tee, Jayo Felony, Sir Jinx, MC Eiht, Chill (of CMW) and Bokey Loc. Check it out... also J-Ro is filming and documenting his life in Europe. See footage of The J-Ro Show below.

Speaking of members of Tha Alkaholiks and Tha Dogg Pound - they are preparing to drop a DNA (Dogg Pound N Alkaholiks) album followed by a summer/fall 'DNA tour'. J-Ro is busy, but it's good to catch up with the OG and he's glad to let everyone know just how well he is doing with all of the amazing projects he has lent himself to. He's set to launch his new jromusic.com web page and will be directing traffic from Facebook to that site, so get'em while you got'em because unlike traffic in LA - J-Ro keeps it movin'.

Check out the trailer of The J-RO SHOW below:

'Doin' It Big'- J-Ro

'The Best U Can'- Tha 'Liks

Big shotz to J-Ro & Tha 'Liks - PACOIMA!

Catch him on The DNA Tour this summer with Tha Alkaholiks & Tha Dogg Pound!

Much love and respect for J-Ro for taking a moment to sit with me and break it down.

Peace & LUVV,

Know The Name, Peep The Game...

LUVVA J, In A Real Way!

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