Saturday, October 29, 2011

KRS ONE TO VISIT OLYMPIA, November 10th, 2011

One day, maybe half a century from now Hip-Hop will still be in existence. Heads will be rockin' to the beats, graffiti will be on walls, b-boys/girls will still be dancing and DJs will still be spinnin', cuttin' and scratchin'. But one wonders what it will look, feel and sound like? At least I wonder about these things. I look at Jazz today in comparison to what it USED TO BE and I find it troubling that the culture of not only Jazz but Rock and Roll, Blues and Soul have almost all but lost their souls. The root core of these classic art forms have in many ways been diluted, 'corporatized' and overall seem to have lost their original taste.

To me, it is the 'original taste' which matters so much to me. The taste that was and is still unforgettably excellent and exhilarating now as when first it was consumed. KRS ONE is that 'original taste' of Hip-Hop culture in my humble experience on this small planet. It is simply his hunger as an MC, which came from his experience of actually being homeless and hungry which obviously spawned the hustle and ambition for him to pursue the career and duty of being an MC. Such a passion displayed throughout his lifetime to represent Hip-Hop culture from the block to college classes and lecture halls is a tremendous offering that he has made to humanity. From his innate ability to educate and elevate the minds of humanity on the microphone to his Stop The Violence Movement and Human Education Against Lies (H.E.A.L.) program - both of which served the public in multiple ways - KRS ONE is an indisputable living legend and an ever-necessary fixture as a pioneer, curator, guardian, philosopher and educator of and beyond the Hip-Hop culture... Oh, I did I mention none have been able to overshadow his stage performance.

For all of the humanitarianism efforts (despite throwing Prince Be off of the stage in the early '90s - which has disturbed some critics) KRS ONE has undertaken during his career he is still one of the original chief party rockerz of Hip-Hop. Simultaneously spitting knowledge like Rakim and rocking parties like Doug E. Fresh, his stage presence is beyond reproach as he truly masters the ceremony. Aspiring MCs and loyal fans can only watch and hope, pray and practice that they may embody the spirit of Hip-Hop that KRS ONE grew up within - The magnificent era of Crack, Drugs, AIDS and Gangs ...The 1980s. So, finally for the first time since 2005 - The Teacha' visits Washington state's capital city - Olympia.

It must be noted as well that Olympia is a Hip-Hop haven within the great Pacific Northwest and is a perfect place for KRS ONE's visit. With its progressive, liberal arts-driven and generally open-minded community, Olympia has at least been a home for Hip-Hop since the mid-1980's when the widely respected voice of DJ Nancy G graced the airwaves of KAOS 89.3 FM. KAOS (based on the campus of the internationally renown liberal arts institution, The Evergreen State College) has pumped Hip-Hop over the airwaves, complimenting independent Hip-Hop in Olympia from groups like 4Real (the first Hip-Hop group out of Olympia) to Black Anger and K Records - the indie rock giant, which pushed Hip-Hop out of its studio. So, it is no surprise, but rather a great welcome that Olympia is set to host The Teacha's return on November 10, 2011 as he speaks at South Puget Sound Community College and will rock the stage and party down at The Royal Lounge later that night.

In the name and spirit of all who appreciate him, Olympia and Tacoma (The 25360 as we call the joint communities) welcome KRS ONE back to the Puget Sound. We thank him for his work with The Temple of Hip-Hop (which you all should research and find out about), his keeping the memory of Scott La Rock and other Hip-Hop legends alive and his overall 'can-do' attitude at the forefront of all of his inspirational, educational and motivational endeavors. He is truly a catalyst for advancement and a voice for the voiceless. WE CAN'T WAIT to host his visit!


KRS ONE will also be in Seattle at Seattle Central Community College and Jazzbones (Tacoma) on November 9. Be there!

Peace & LUVV,


Winners Train, Losers Complain ...DO YO' THANG!

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