Sunday, March 20, 2011

LIVE FROM I-5 w/ LUVVA J on The KAOS BLOCK PARTY PLAYLI$T for March 18, 2011 with Special Guests: NICATINE of FREE WHISKEY & MIC FLONT

What up Party People
The show was crackin' today with special guest host Nicatine from Free Whiskey (peep the video below from my one-man report/series shot in POV style, 3 MINUTES FROM THE 25360). I started the show - of course with a special dedication to Nathan Hale aka Nate Dogg. An immortal voice and source of soul throughout my years from his breakout hit with Warren G, 'Regulate' to 'One More Day', 'Never Leave Me Alone', Crazy' and many more. Much love and respect to Nate Dogg. We miss and love you...

Nowwww... Back 2 Bizne$$...

Nicatine was hilarious and zany as usual as we premiered his new single, "Alison" a day after the video premiered featuring Nicatine, Billy The Fridge and cameos from XP and some of their homeboys. Nicatine is a trip - he runs one of the best promotion companies in the Pacific Northwest with Homeland Security, he raps with Free Whiskey and Junkyard Gang and his mustache has a lifestyle and schedule of its own... Check him out.

Also, big shots to my special guests Mic Flont of Waves of The Mind and Sindick Bura of Savage Family/Nooksack Nation... And shots to DJ Drastic for tuning in, Canada, Australia and Germany for tuning in!

Ayo, check out the 3 MINUTES FROM THE 25360 w/ LUVVA J featuring Nicatine shot right before we went on air...


'Crazy'- Snoop Dogg feat. Nate Dogg
'Block Bots'- Lyrics Born
'My Posse...'- Free Whiskey
'One More Day'- Nate Dogg
'Mind Waves'- Waves of The Mind
'Like That'- Mack 10 feat. Nate Dogg
'Alison'- Free Whiskey
'I Mean Business'- Afrok
'Gangsta Nation'- West Side Connect Gang feat. Nate Dogg
'Never Leave Me Alone'- Nate Dogg
'RIP Nate Dogg'- Swift Holiday feat. G-Khan & Mr. Burnz
'Sea City'- Khingz
'If U Stay Ready'- Suga Free
'Get 2 Gether'- DJ Quik, 2nd II None, AMG, Hi-C & DeBarge

Peace & Luvv,


Peep The Game, Know The Name...

Luvva J, In A Real Way!
Winners Train, Losers Complain... Do Yo' Thang!

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