Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I've been working on a major project for the past half year, which has me thinking and acting waaaay out of the box (good thing in my view of the world). This Drum and Bass/Jungle/GoREALLA project has me pretty amped. High speed/tempo tracks and grinding production that is outside of the box has peaked my interest. With so much redundancy in my beloved Hip-Hop culture/universe and with my love for Hip-Hop's relatives like electronic music (Dub Step/Techno/DnB, etc.), I wanted to re-engage in my MCing over Drum and Bass beats and production like I had been doing in the late '90s during my student career in Pullman, WA @ Washington State University (GO COUGS!).

I didn't always dig electronic music, but thanks to people like 'electronicologist', Jeff Helm and DJs like Gene Lee, Sean Majors, DJ Tee, Budget Money and other influential people in my life (shots to KZUU 90.7 FM in Pullman!) - I kept an open mind about all music, but with the help of some reading/research and Jeff Helm reminding me that Electronic music is a niece/nephew of Hip-Hop (thanks to Afrika Bambataa and Kraftwerk and many others), I had to be open to the history and culture of the music. The same way that Hip-Hop is a culmination of Jazz, Blues, Spirituals, Rock and Roll and other genres - electronic music is closely related to Hip-Hop (although you might not see the connection with an untrained eye)...

So, I am engaging in this album - LUVVA J as UltraMega: JungleLUVV. It's in its finals stages as I continue recording at Vertigo Studios in Seattle's Greenwood Neighborhood with engineer/producer, Brad Kaminski. Potato Finger out of Seattle's Capital Hill neighborhood is also a dynamic producer featured on the project. Recording as UltraMega is symbolic with the 'BIG NAME'. Everything on the album thus far is BIG. The attitude is WINNING BIG. The vocals ATTACK BIG. The beats are BIG - some fast, some grind, but all BIG. My intent is to create egotistical motivation music with JungleLUVV - basically the type of music that I (or you, hopefully) would listen to before a big game and/or athletic, business or social event where motivation, inspiration, ego and pursuit are key elements for success. This is PRIMETIME SATURDAY NIGHT music, WAKE YO' A$$ UP music and 3:38am music... That's what it is made for... As I complete this project (projected by the end of January) I anticipate the response of the people. Although the project is being marketed primarily to European, Canadian and African markets - where electronic music is almost consumed as Pop music, I am eager to test the open-mindedness of the US market... The quatrains are beginning to show slight visions! (Shots to Michele De Notre Dame aka Nostradamus, one of my heroes).


LUVVA J, In A Real Way!

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